Extracurricular for Develop Skill, Ability, and Socialization ( Analytical English Task )

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English Task
Write an analytical text by using the following topics :
- extracurricular
- science club
Submit all the work on Mr. Chen's table in STAFF ROOM.


Nowadays, many students think that extracurricular is just waste their time and decrease their time to take a rest. But, I personally think that join some extracurricular are really fun, great, and interesting.

Join the extracurricular with activity you like can decrease your stressed level. Extracurricular can be such as entertainment activity. When you bored so much because of your school task and test, or maybe another problem, you can forget your problems for awhile by having fun with extracurricular.

Beside that, extracurricular also give many advantages to students.

For example, we know that now, we have no more time to jogging or do some sports. If we do, I believe we do sport only at school or when it’s Sunday. So, by joining sport extracurricular such as badminton, volley, football, basket, etc. we can do sport regularly based on the extracurricular schedule, so we can still keep our heath, even we just have a little spare time.

Another example, if we join dance extracurricular. We know, we can learn many dances we interest in. We can choose modern dance, traditional dance, or both of them, so we can develop our skill and help to prevent traditional dance from extinct.

And for you, who love science, you can join extracurricular like English conversation, science club, and so on. So, beside we can get more knowledge, we also can get new friends with same hobby. With that way, we can find friends to discussion about science or just for practicing.

Therefore, if you think extracurricular is just waste your time, you should change your perception, because in fact, we need extracurricular to develop our skill, ability, and socialization to be a better person.

Alberta Angela
XI acceleration - 02

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