Fake Friendship

Friendship . . .

Everyone want to have a nice friendship,
where they can laugh together, cry together, share everything, pain or smile. Together.
Yap, how nice if we have this kind of friendship, everyone hope so.

When I was in junior high school, I was an introvert person. I know I have just a little amount of friends, or maybe I should say that I'm not good in socialization.
So, when I was in junior high school, sometimes I was envy to my friends who can make friends easily , they had many friends, they looked really comfort, joyful, and so on. I think how nice they was.

But, now, in the new environment, I started to understand. I got shock with the situation of friendship around me. The friendship that looks nice and comfort, the friendship that I was envy in when I was in junior high school. I started realize that it was not the friendship I looking for.

Something that make me shock is the reality that some people have a nice friendship, but they gossiped behind each other. someone said that they didn't like the 'A' character, they didn't like the 'B' character, they hate 'C' because bla bla bla , they get jealous on 'D' cause bla bla bla . They not feel comfort each other, but they still use their 'smile mask'. Wow, it must be the long time they have been in fake friendship. Isn't they get tired ?
It's true that I ever say, "Smile Mask is prove how much your professionalism"
But, I still can't imagine their tiredness.

Well, maybe I should thank to God, because even I just have a little friends, but I know their sincere. If they have something they didn't like about me, they never gossiped me , but they will say it to me directly, so I can introspect. That's why I never disappointed born as an introvert person.

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